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Here's a campaign that I like: Best viewed with ANY browser

GJ weather

Here is a cute little clip that I found at the top of Mt. Garfield... (this has been gone for a while now -- it disappeared after vandals broke the flagpole out of the ground, and later tossed the pole over the edge).

This should be indented...
(And it should be red!)

Installing solaris from an ISO image

Ever hear of DropBox? It's a convenient way to save data "in the cloud" and optionally to share files with other people. Signing up is free, and they give users a limited amount of space for free (using more than a small amount of space requires upgrading to a paid account). However, if you use THIS link to signup, you'll get a little more free space, and so will I! (This link is special because it's a bonus from referral signups and I get some extra free space as well. :-)

Here's a link for people trying to get the rt2870 driver working under Linux 3.2 with Kismet.

Using the ISC DHCP server, classes, subclasses, and want to use OMAPI to avoid restarting the server? Here's a link for how to add hosts, along with the class they belong to!

Ever hear of FISC? They're the secretive court that oversees spying on Americans.

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